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In Rhineland-Palatinate, the "bodendenkmalpflege" is referred to as state archaeology. This deals with movable and immovable testimonies, remains or traces human life in whose preservation, care, scientific research and documentation for historical reasons there is a public interest animal or plant life, the development history of the earth All these finds and findings are protected as cultural monuments. As a rule, they should remain protected in the soil If you want to visit or dig for soil monuments, you must apply for a permit. If soil monuments are to be changed in the course of another measure, such as a construction measure, the procedures for the preservation of architectural monuments apply.

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The application shall be accompanied by the following information: site plan Field map with entry of the intervention if necessary, further documents on request

Any encroachment on the soil with the aim of conducting archaeological research requires a permit from the lower monument protection authority in agreement with the specialist authority. This is not granted for the mere search and collection of finds, but is dependent on individual cases for scientific research purposes. As an applicant, you must be able to master and prove the variety of archaeological methods. This also applies to terrain inspections with treasure detectors.

In the work of professional archaeologists in fulfillment of their legally determined research and rescue work, citizens can participate on a voluntary basis, provided that they are willing to learn the archaeological methodology intensively and to acquire safety in handling.

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