Protection against dismissal for special groups of persons Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Special protection against dismissal exists for expectant mothers . It begins by notifying the employer of her pregnancy. That is, the prohibition of dismissal shall only apply if the employer was aware of the pregnancy at the time of termination or if it was notified to him within two weeks of receipt of the termination. Exceeding the time limit shall be harmless if it is based on a reason for which the woman is not responsible and the notification is made immediately. The protection against dismissal is in place until the expiry of four months after childbirth. The Länder have regulated the competences in their implementing rules differently. The Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth provides on the Internet a detailed list of addresses and telephone numbers of these authorities. Special protection against dismissal also applies to persons who have demanded parental leave from their employer under the Federal Parental Benefit and Parental Leave Act. The protection against dismissal also exists where employees work part-time with the same employer during parental leave or without parental leave, work part-time work and are entitled to parental allowance. This special protection against dismissal also applies to workers who, under the Nursing Time Act, take up to 10 days' leave of absence for a dependent close relative and employees who take up to 6 months' care, regardless of whether they are absent from work or merely shorten working hours for that period. For the aforementioned persons, dismissals may only be made in very few strictly regulated exceptional cases and only on request and with official consent. The special protection against dismissal applies to severely disabled persons and persons treated as such. Employers are obliged to obtain the consent of the Integration Office before a dismissal is given. The decision is preceded by the examination of whether a business-oriented further employment is also possible with the use of advisory, technical and financial assistance.

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