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Patients who are generally cared for at home can be cared for in a day care facility during the day.

Day care is intended to support home care. You can take advantage of day care services if home care cannot be adequately ensured or if this is necessary to supplement or strengthen home care.

Day care is usually used by patients whose relatives work during the day. Patients are usually picked up in the morning and returned home in the afternoon.

Within the limits of the benefit, the nursing care fund assumes the care-related expenses, including the expenses for care, and the expenses for the medical care services required in the institution. On the other hand, the costs of accommodation and meals as well as separately calculated investment costs must in principle be borne privately.

The maximum benefit amount for

  • at care level 2: 689 Euro,
  • at care level 3: 1,298 euros,
  • for care level 4: 1,612 euros and
  • at care level 5: 1,995 euros.

Persons with care level 1 can use their relief contribution (up to 125 euros) for day care.

Semi-inpatient care also includes the necessary transport of patients from the home to the institution of day care and back.

Patients in need of care grades 2 to 5 can take part-stationary day and night care in addition to outpatient care benefits, care allowances or the combined benefit in accordance with Section 38, without any credit being made to these claims.

  • Check with your nursing home which documents are required and whether there is a special application form.


  • Care level 2 to 5

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  • Section 41 Eleventh Book of the Social Code (SGB XI)
  • You apply for day care at your care fund
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