Applying for War Victims' Welfare Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

You receive benefits of war victims' care as a person with impaired health (so-called injured persons) if you receive a basic pension or have a recognised right to medical treatment. As a damaged or damaged person, you also receive benefits of war victims' welfare for your family members if you mainly make a living or have denied them before the damage. You also receive benefits from war victims' welfare if you are a survivor or a survivor of the injured and receive a survivor's pension, widow's or orphan's allowance. The benefits of war victims' welfare supplement pension benefits (e.B. benefits of medical and sick treatment or pension payments) with special assistance in individual cases. Beneficiaries are mainly: war-damaged, victims of acts of violence, persons whose military service is impaired, Civilian service victims, Victims of state injustice in the GDR, Vaccine victims as well as their survivors.

application Proof of recognition of a pension entitlement by the institution of the war victims' pension Proof of income and assets

Personal requirements They are: impaired health and receive basic pension or are entitled to medical treatment Survivors of an injured person and receive a survivor's pension, widow's or orphan's allowance, or Family member of a damaged person. neediness As a result of the damage or death of the injured person, you will not be able to cover your livelihood from your income and assets or other eligible benefits.
Benefits of war victims' welfare are available on prior request from the welfare and main welfare offices. A list of the main welfare offices can be found in the brochure of the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs on the welfare of war victims.

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