Driving instructor and driving school permits Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Anyone who trains persons who wish to obtain a licence to drive motor vehicles (students) must be licensed to drive. The driving licence is issued on application in class BE and additionally in classes A, CE and DE. The applicant for the driving instruction permit of class BE will initially receive a temporary driving instruction permit. The driving licence may only be used together with the driving school permit or in the context of an employment or training relationship with the owner of a driving school.

In order to obtain the driving licence, a written application must be submitted to the driving licence authority, indicating the desired class. The application must also be attached to: official proof of place and day of birth Resume a certificate or expert opinion on the required requirements for the physical and mental fitness of Class C a certificate or certificate of the required vision requirements of category C1, which is not older than one year at the time of application, a certified copy of the driving licence (the original driving licence may also be submitted for inspection).) Documents on driving practice Proof of completed vocational training in a recognised apprenticeship or higher degree. A long-term probation in a professional field can also be recognised. A certificate from an officially recognised driving instructor training centre on the duration of the training carried out a certificate of leadership for presentation to the licensing authority (the collection of information from the central traffic register is obtained by the district or city administration.) The following documents must only be submitted after completion of the respective training courses: a certificate from the officially recognised driving instructor training centre on the duration of the training carried out with the application for the permanent driving licence of class BE, a certificate from the training driving school on the duration of the training carried out

Driving instructor is a state-recognised, uniformly regulated term for a service occupation in the transport sector. In order to practise this profession, you need a driving permit. The requirements for this are regulated by the Driving Instructors Act. Training and examination is carried out in accordance with a federal training and examination regulations on the basis of this Act. The driving licence is issued if the applicant: the applicant has reached the age of 21, mentally, physically, professionally and pedagogically suitable and there are no facts which make him appear unreliable for the driving instructor profession, the applicant has at least completed vocational training in a recognised apprenticeship or equivalent training, the applicant is in possession of the driving licence of the class for which the driving licence is to be issued, the applicant has been driving for at least three years and, if the driving licence is to be issued additionally for category A, CE or DE, he has also a category A2, CE or D driving licence for two years at a time, the applicant has been trained as a driving instructor within the last three years before the driving licence was issued and has passed the relevant examination. the applicant has the knowledge of the German language necessary for the pursuit of his professional activity.

Applicants who have already obtained a driving licence in the public service (Federal Armed Forces, police) and are seeking a civilian driving instruction permit are not required to take the driving instructor examination. In addition to the above-mentioned documents, these applicants must attach a proof of the possession of the driving licence (e.g. certified copy of the driving instructor's licence) to the application. Persons who have acquired an authorisation to train driving students in other European countries can be granted a corresponding German driving licence under simplified conditions. If this is the case for you, please contact the regional company Mobility Rhineland-Palatinate in Koblenz, Speyer or Trier.
The training as a driving instructor can only take place in one of the approximately 56 recognised driving instructor training centres throughout Germany. It lasts at least 12 months. Not only theoretical training, but also an internship in a training driving school is required. In order to enable the trainee driving instructor in the training driving school to apply the knowledge acquired in the officially recognised training centre, he is granted a temporary driving permit with limited training rights if he has successfully passed the practical driving examination and the specialist examination. The temporary driving licence expires either with the granting of the unlimited driving permit or after three unsuccessful training samples in theoretical or practical instruction or after the expiry of 2 years from the date of issue.