Cars: Test and seal badges Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

In the event of a change of the registration district of an approved vehicle, the official seal badges of the previous number plate shall be removed from the previous registration plate by the registration authority of the new registration district in connection with the new registration. The registration of the vehicle in the new registration district without the previous registration plates have been stamped is not permitted. In the case of decommissioning, re-labelling and change of number plate type, the official number plates shall also be devalued by the registration office by removing the official seal badges. Note: When registering a vehicle still registered abroad, the foreign registration plates must be presented. In the event of theft or loss of a license plate, a license plate may be still present an existing number plate. Attention: A vehicle with stamped number plates may only be put into service exceptionally in connection with registration on public transport areas. If a test or seal badge becomes unusable or is lost (e.g. washing machine) you should immediately renew it or have a new badge attached to avoid unnecessary annoyance.

When renewing the test and/or seal badges on the license plate, you need: Registration certificate Part I (in the case of a vehicle decommissioned before 1 October 2005, the deregistration certificate) the license plate on which the badge is damaged/from which the badge has left, and if the HU or AU test badge has been lost/unusable, the HU test report or AU test certificate has become unusable, insofar as the corresponding data do not emerge from the ZB I or the deregistration certificate.

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