Mofa Test Certificate (TÜV) Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

If you are 15 years old or older, you can use a moped on public roads. To do this, you must have a so-called "Mofa test certificate". You will receive this if you have successfully completed a theoretical and practical Mofa training and have passed the required theoretical examination. Exception: You do not need a Mofa certificate if you hold a valid German driver's license of any class or if you have a valid foreign driving license that entitles you to drive motor vehicles in Germany. In addition, those who have reached the age of 15 before 1 April 1980 do not need a driving licence or a Mofa test certificate to drive a moped.

The training certificate must be brought with you to register for the examination.

You must always carry the Mofa test certificate (or your driving licence) when you are driving a moped. If the Mofa test certificate is lost, you must contact the inspection body that issued the test certificate for the issue of a replacement test certificate.
Section 5 Driving Licence Ordinance (FeV) - Special provisions for the driving of mopeds.

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