License plate: Season license plate Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

For vehicles that are not operated all year round, it is possible to receive a seasonal license plate. The period of operation shall be fixed at the request of the keeper and shall be set at full months. It must be at least two months long and may not exceed eleven months. The vehicles may not be put into operation on public roads outside the operating period and they may not be parked in public transport. Classic car license plates and green license plates can also be assigned as season license plates. hint: If the season period is to be changed, the insurance confirmation (eVB number) and new license plates are required.

The following variants can be considered for the registration of a vehicle with a seasonal license plate: first admission ( Vehicle registration: new vehicles ) Re-registration after decommissioning ( Vehicle registration: re-registration of a decommissioned vehicle ) Registration to a new vehicle owner (transfer) ( Vehicle registration: transfer to another holder within the registration district ) ( Vehicle registration: transfer to another owner outside the registration district ) The applicable regulations must be observed. By clicking on the respective link stored above, further information is displayed.

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