Land use plan Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

The land use plan is the preparatory master plan (urban master plan) drawn up by the association municipality or the non-association municipality. It contains the urban uses intended by the planning community or municipality and differentiated for the individual areas. For example, residential areas, commercial building areas, utility areas, common-use areas, traffic areas, green areas, woodland and agricultural land. In principle, the land-use plan does not have a direct legal effect on citizens. No legal claims, such as the right to a building permit for a particular plot of land, can be derived from his drawing and textual representations. However, it is a programme binding on the authorities and other authorities. An indirect concern arises from the fact that development plans which contain legally binding determinations to all citizens must be developed from the presentations of the land-use plan. In addition, citizens may be affected by permits for outdoor projects, since the construction projects would have to be countered by conflicting representations of the land-use plan or the planning reservation dals 'impairment of public interests'. This is the effect where the project may cause or be exposed to harmful environmental effects.