Vehicle registration plate: Export registration plates

Where a motor vehicle subject to registration or a motor vehicle which is not registered and subject to registration plates and which is not subject to a registration number are to be permanently transferred to another State with its own driving force or a trailer behind a motor vehicle, an export registration plate may be assigned for that purpose.

valid identity card or passport with original of the last registration certificate of the place of residence (foreign nationals require a valid identification document with current registration confirmation) a power of attorney when an authorised representative makes the application (the representative's id card and a copy of the vehicle owner's identity card are required Registration certificate Part II or vehicle letter Insurance confirmation or insurance card Test report of the last main investigation (HU) in the case of approved vehicles, additionally Registration certificate Part I or vehicle registration certificate Vehicle license plates Note: The registration authority may require the vehicle to be shown for the purpose of identification.

Tip: Some EU Member States also tolerate journeys with German short-term registration plates. Before using it abroad, it must be clarified with the diplomatic mission of the state to which the vehicle is to be transferred whether the use of a German short-term registration plate is permitted in the respective country.