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If a change occurs in the person of the holder (e.B. through the sale of the vehicle), the previous owner or owner must inform the registration authority without delay. This is used to correct the vehicle register. If the buyer has requested the issue of a new Part I registration certificate, the seller's notification is unnecessary. The seller shall remain the owner of the vehicle until it has been rewritten or decommissioned by the new holder. Until that date, there is an obligation to pay the motor vehicle tax and the premium for liability insurance.

Name and address of the buyer Confirmation of the buyer on receipt of the registration certificate Part 1 and, if applicable, Part 2 as well as the official registration plate(s)

The notification to the registration authority shall include the name and address of the buyer and the official registration number of the vehicle sold.

Transfer of ownership to another natural or legal person

Please note: If the vehicle is not immediately re-registered or decommissioned by the new holder, or if the information provided by the new holder or owner proves to be inaccurate, the registration authority shall provide the registration certificate in the traffic notice with a period of four weeks for submission to it. Or it prohibits the operation of the vehicle on public roads for the period until the obligation is fulfilled. The approval authority shall notify the previous holder or owner of the approval.
The following data shall be provided to the competent licensing authority: Number plate of the vehicle (motor vehicle or trailer). Name (first name and surname, company name or name of the association) and address of the buyer. Confirmation of the buyer that he has received the registration certificates Part I and, where applicable, Part II, as well as the official registration plate.