Motor vehicle: decommissioning (deregistration)

If an approved vehicle is to be decommissioned, the holder or the person entitled to dispose of it must apply to the registration authority on presentation of the Part I registration certificate and submit the registration plates for de-stamping. The approval authority shall record the decommissioning on the Part I registration certificate and hand over the documents submitted and the stamped number plates. Vehicles registered after 01.01.2015 can also be decommissioned via the Internet. For this purpose, the district administration / city administration offers a further link on its homepage. The owner of the vehicle must identify himself by means of the new identity card (nPA) or the electronic residence permit (eAT) with activated online identification function. This requires a card reader or a smartphone with a free "IDApp2". The indicator must be indicated. The safety codes of the seals on the number plate and the registration certificate shall be disclosed and entered. Payment is made via an e-payment system. The holder receives information from the registration office about the deregistration of the vehicle.

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Registration certificate Part I (vehicle registration certificate) the / previous number plate(s) in the case of the transfer of a car (category M1) or commercial vehicle (category N1) to a recognised recovery body: in addition, a certificate of recovery in appendix 8 FZV If a third party submits all the necessary documents, he shall be deemed to be authorised by the holder to request the decommissioning of the vehicle.

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