Trade of brokers, loan brokers, developers and construction managers Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Anyone wishing to carry out the following activities on a commercial basis requires official permission: to arrange for the conclusion of contracts for land, rights equivalent to land, industrial premises or residential areas or to demonstrate the opportunity to conclude such contracts to mediate the conclusion of loan agreements, with the exception of contracts within the meaning of Section 34i paragraph 1 sentence 1 of the German Commercial Code, or to demonstrate the opportunity to conclude such contracts. building project prepare or execute as a builder in his own name for his own or third-party account and use assets of purchasers, tenants, tenants or other beneficiaries or applicants for acquisition or use rights wants to prepare or carry out construction projects as a construction supervisor in a foreign name for an external account.

Proof of personal reliability: Valid identity card or passport (additionally an up-to-date registration certificate upon presentation of the passport)* Up-to-date extract from the Federal Central Register for submission to an authority (certificate of leadership) Up-to-date extract from the central business register for submission to an authority* *The information must be requested from the municipality of residence for submission to an authority, i.e. it will be sent directly to the municipality of residence. It is essential that you provide the exact address of the competent licensing authority and the intended use when applying. The information can also be requested in the online procedure provided by the Federal Office of Justice/Citizens' Services. The information may not be older than three months. Proof of orderly financial circumstances: Up-to-date certificate in tax matters of the competent tax office (to be presented in the original) Extract from the debtor register of the Central Enforcement Court, which can also be requested electronically under Information from the insolvency court as to whether proceedings have been opened (so-called negative certificate) In addition to legal entities: Extract from the register of trade, cooperatives or associations (current copy) or if the cooperative is in the establishment, the social contract The start of the permitted activity must be notified to the competent authority. Note: Please note that the enumeration is not exhaustive. As part of the review of your individual case, further documentation may be required by the competent authority.

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Freedom to provide services: Citizens of the European Union (EU citizens) or of another Contracting State to the Agreement on the European Economic Area (EEA citizens) who wish to work as a broker, property developer or construction supervisor in Germany only temporarily independently of their place of business may be exempt from the national provisions of the Trade Code. Further information on the legal requirements of an exemption can be found at: (link to the service description " Cross-border service "). Establishment: EU citizens or EEA citizens wishing to establish themselves permanently in Germany must comply with the national provisions of the Trade Code.
Permission must be applied for by the competent authority.

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