Apply for legal aid

Citizens who are unable to raise the financial resources necessary to exercise their rights for personal and economic reasons have the opportunity to apply for legal aid. Advice is provided for the exercise of rights outside a judicial procedure in all areas of law. Legal aid may be requested for legal proceedings and representation there. In family and various other proceedings, it is referred to as procedural aid. It includes: the payment of legal costs; the reimbursement of the costs of his own lawyer (in the event of a defeat, however, the applicant shall bear the costs of the opposing lawyer despite the legal aid granted); Legal aid is granted in accordance with the financial and income relationships without or with an instalment payment obligation. If the obligation to pay instalments is ordered, the instalments shall be paid until the legal costs are covered, but in total not more than 48 monthly instalments.

Proof of income (wage certificate, pension certificate, social assistance certificate, etc.) Documents on running costs In the case of application for legal/cost assistance, the dispute must be presented in detail

For counselling: You cannot raise the necessary funds for pre-trial legal advice according to your personal and economic relations, other possibilities for assistance, which you are to be expected to use, are not available (e.B. debtor advice) and the use of counselling assistance does not appear to be intentional. For the granting of process / procedure cost support: You cannot raise the necessary funds for the judicial procedure for which aid is requested on the basis of your personal and economic circumstances, t he intended legal action or recidivism has the prospect of success and t he exercise of rights is not intentional.

The advisory assistance authorisation may be revoked by the advisory assistance in the event of initial inaccuracy of the information or capital gain. In the case of the granting of procedural/cost assistance, the court may examine, up to four years after the conclusion of the proceedings, whether your economic situation has changed significantly. This may be accompanied by changes to the authorisation decision. In the event of a breach of your obligations to notify, the authorisation of the legal/procedural allowance may be revoked. The same shall apply in the event of incorrect information and qualified arrears in the payment of ordered instalments.
If you wish to apply for counselling assistance, you can do so yourself or through your legal lawyer. If counselling assistance is provided, you will receive a permit. This allows you to contact a lawyer of your choice. If a lawyer is first visited, the latter / r can also subsequently submit an application for the assistance of the counselling service. You can submit an application for permission for trial / procedural assistance yourself or through your lawyer.