Certificate of inheritance Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

They have inherited. If you now want to have the inheritance, in many cases a certificate of inheritance is required in order to be able to identify yourself in business transactions. This is particularly important if: there is no will, i.e. the legal succession has occurred, a plot of land is part of the estate and there is only a private written will and no notarial will, the content of the will is ambiguous.

The certificate of inheritance must be applied for in particular. A simple letter is not enough. Since an affidavit must be given as to the accuracy of the necessary information, you must contact a notary or the probate court in person. In the case of a certificate of succession according to legal succession, the succession must be documented by civil status certificates (birth certificates, death certificate, marriage certificate, extracts from the family register) for all eligible relatives. Please do not forget your IDENTITY card.