Applying for a certificate of inheritance in the event of legal succession

If you have decided to accept your inheritance, you will in many cases need proof of your right of inheritance. If you are the sole heir, this will be stated in a certificate of inheritance.

A single certificate testifies to the right of succession of a single person who, within the framework of the legal succession, takes up the legal succession after the testator as the sole heir.

  • your identity card or passport,
  • the death certificate of the deceased person (testator),
  • the family record book for the documentation of kinship,
  • information on whether there is a process for your inheritance law,
  • the names and addresses of the co-heirs,
  • Proof of the reason why certain persons who would actually inherit are no longer heirs, for example their death certificates, waivers of inheritance or declarations of renunciation of inheritance,
  • if applicable, wills or contracts of inheritance,
  • the matrimonial property regime (in the case of spouses) or the property regime (in the case of registered civil partnerships).

Forms are not required.


Only the sole inheritance can apply for a sole certificate.

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  • ยงยง 2353 2370 Civil Code (BGB)

After you have applied for the certificate of inheritance, the district court checks the eligibility and issues the certificate of inheritance.

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