Registering clubs Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

If you set up an association, it is not legally eligible for registration in the register of associations. In other words, it cannot itself be the bearer of rights and obligations. This has consequences for the persons acting on behalf of the association. If the association is not registered in the register of associations, you are liable, for example, as chairman or chairman of transactions for the association with your private assets. The association becomes legally viable only if you have it entered in the register of associations. Only the association with its assets is liable for debts.

In addition to the letter of filing, the original of the founding statutes and the founding protocol containing the appointment of the members of the Board of Management must be submitted to the Register Court.

Note: Even later, you must register certain events or facts in the register of associations, b if, for example, the association's statutes change or members have elected other people to the Board of Directors. The M inisterium of the Judiciary has summarized legal information for associations in a separate brochure "Rund um den Verein". .
The registration of an association must be registered by the board of directors with the competent district court. The first entries in the register of associations are published by the district court in an electronic information and communication system ( With the registration, the name of the association receives the addition "registered association" (e.V.). After registration of the register, the association receives an extract from the register, with which it proves the registration. The register extract serves as proof of the e.V. status. It is required, for example, when opening a bank account and at the tax office.