Psychiatric care Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Statistically, one in three people develops a mental disorder at least once during their lifetime. Mental disorders are therefore widespread. But many mental illnesses are also treatable these days. The psychiatric-psychotherapeutic help system in Rhineland-Palatinate is adapted to this finding and provides a number of individual support services for people with mental illnesses and their relatives. The offers of help are organised close to home, i.e. mentally ill people are to find individually tailored help in their region. The treatment of mental illnesses is carried out in-patient (in hospital), part-inpatient (in a day clinic) or outpatient (e.B.g. in the case of registered specialists, psychotherapists). The treatment offers are also divided into "adult psychiatry" or "general psychiatry" and "child and adolescent psychiatry and psychotherapy (KJPP)". For chronically mentally ill people, in addition to the treatment of the mental illness itself, there are also complementary support services in areas of life such as "living" and "working" or in day structuring. Furthermore, a large number of initiatives and associations are involved in the topic of mental illness in Rhineland-Palatinate. Relatives, who often face major challenges due to the illness of the family member, have taken part in the National Association of The Mentally Ill. a one-stop shop. The aim of the Association for the Support of Community Psychiatry in Rhineland-Palatinate is to actively accompany the transformation of psychiatric institutions and the development of community-based psychiatry in order to make the communities more open to children, adolescents, disabled people and their families. The State Association of Psychiatry-Experienced Rhineland-Palatinate (LVPE) is represented as representatives of the interests of people with psychiatry experience also in the associated political committees.

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