Vehicle registration plate: desired number plate

Owners or owners of vehicles can obtain a number plate with a self-selected combination of letters / numbers (so-called desired number plate). For most of the available number plate pool, it is possible to reserve the desired indicator online. In addition, this is possible at a personal consultation or at individual regulatory authorities by telephone. Number plates can be reserved for all vehicle classes. Attention The Vehicle Registration Ordinance (FZV) specifies maximum widths as well as sizes of letters and numbers and minimum distances between the fields for the various registration plates. For example, if a (reserved) indicator does not meet these criteria, it cannot be allocated. There is therefore no legal right to allocate the reserved number plate. The number plates should therefore only be procured in advance if the licensing authority has assured that the reserved number plate will actually be allocated.

The function for the reservation of a desired number plate must be called up on the website of the competent licensing authority. After entering various personal data, you can research which flags can be assigned. If you have made a reservation for a desired number plate, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail. The reservation of a desired number plate is also possible with a personal consultation or individual regulatory authorities by telephone.

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