Motor vehicle: Registration certificate Part I (vehicle registration document)

The registration certificate Part I (ZB I) has replaced the vehicle registration document. The person registered in the ZB I is often the owner of the corresponding vehicle, but it is not mandatory. The owner is the person who has the power of disposal over the motor vehicle and uses it for his own account and in particular denies the running costs. The owner is often not the owner of the vehicle. The registration certificate Part I is therefore not proof of ownership. There is no general obligation to exchange from the old vehicle registration document to the new registration certificate Part I. However, a ZB I is issued when a new vehicle registration document has to be issued (e.B. because it has been lost). In this case, this is done regardless of whether the old vehicle registration document is still available. Invalid registration certificates Part I (vehicle registration documents) shall be returned to the holder after decommissioning.

Problems are sometimes caused by the transfer of entries in the "Remarks" field of the previous vehicle registration document to the new ZB I. In principle, the new field 22 of the registration certificate Part I serves to take over these entries. If there is not enough space there, a supplement is issued, sometimes also attached.

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