Motor vehicle: Registration certificate Part II (vehicle registration document)

The person registered in the ZB II is the owner of the corresponding vehicle.The registration certificate Part II (ZB II) is not proof of ownership.

The person registered in ZB II is the owner of the corresponding vehicle. The owner is one who uses the motor vehicle for his own account (namely, denies the costs and can actually dispose of the vehicle; this is often not the owner of the vehicle. The registration certificate Part II (ZB II) is therefore not a proof of ownership, but ultimately only facilitates the registration processes, since it is assumed that the person holding the ZB II in his hands is entitled to dispose of the vehicle.
In Germany, the Registration Certificate Part II consists of a document printed on one side on forgery-proof special paper in the format 21 × 30.48 cm (formatted 21 × 29.7 cm).
The previous owners (owners) of a vehicle are no longer traceable by name for data protection reasons with the exception of the last holder (in contrast to the old vehicle registration document). Only the date of the first approval and the number of holders are entered. From the third owner of the vehicle, the entry of each other second new owner (i.e. the fifth, the seventh, etc.) requires the issuance of a new ZB II in connection with the registration.

There is no general obligation to exchange from the old vehicle registration document to the new registration certificate Part II. It is automatically exchanged if a new vehicle registration document has to be issued anyway (e.g. because it has been lost, regardless of whether the old vehicle registration document is still available or if the issuance of a new ZB I (vehicle registration document) is required.

Invalidated vehicle registration documents of old type and invalidated ZB II will be destroyed by the registration authority if the holder does not want them to be handed over again after rendering them unusable.

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