Car registration: New vehicles Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Vehicles may only be put into service on public roads if they are registered for traffic. In the case of a new vehicle with a general type-approval or EC type-approval, you must apply for an official registration number. In principle, the demonstration of the motor vehicle is not necessary. Procedure: The application for authorisation must be submitted by the holder or by a representative authorised in writing. If your licensing authority requires an application form, you can obtain it in advance from the licensing authority or, depending on the authority's offer, access it on the Internet. If you wish to reserve a desired number of registration plates, this can be done in person, in writing or by telephone or as an online service via the Internet, depending on the offer of the admission authority.

Registration certificate Part II and data confirmation (COC) in the original Insurance confirmation (eVB number) Valid identity documents of the vehicle owner (identity card or passport with registration certificate of the registration authority of the place of residence;; Driving licence and similar documents are not recognized!). Foreign nationals need a valid identification document with up-to-date registration confirmation Direct debit authorisation for vehicle tax (must be presented in writing if registered by a third party or with a different account holder). The specified bank details must be proven.) If changes have been made to the vehicle after purchase that are subject to acceptance (e.B. aluminium rims, spoilers, pre-heater, etc.), the vehicle must be inspected by an official approved expert (e.B.g. TÜV expert) before registration. The certificate issued by him about the test (acceptance) must be presented at the time of registration you need to have the prior acceptance for the registration of the motor vehicle. If you entrust a third party with the authorization, the third party requires a written authorisation from you; in addition, he must present your personal document (in the original) to the admissions office. He himself must have the personnel document that is relevant to him in order to identify himself SEPA direct debit mandate for the collection of motor vehicle tax In addition to companies: Extract from the Trade and Commercial Register the identity documents of the responsible person entitled to signature (managing director, authorized representative) and his/her power of attorney at clubs: Association register extract Identification of the responsible, authorized person (board) in the case of underage vehicle owners: Consent and signature of both parents their ID cards. in the case of imported vehicles for which NO ZB II has yet been granted: EC Compliance Certificate (CoC) or Data Confirmation (If only one EC declaration of conformity is available, the purchase contract or the invoice must be presented in the original as proof of the right to make a decision) the purchase contract / the invoice Insurance confirmation

If the first issue of a vehicle letter (ZB II) becomes necessary within the scope of the registration, the vehicle is to be identified by the registration authority by demonstration of the vehicle.