Vehicle registration plate: Apply for a small number plate Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Marks shall comply with the specifications in terms of shape, size and design, including the label, the designs, dimensions and indications. According to this provision, reduced two-line registration plates (so-called light motorcycle registration plates) may only be allocated to light motorcycles and agricultural or forestry towing vehicles. Quads, even if they are encoded as agricultural or forestry towing vehicles, cannot be assigned a reduced two-line number plate, since their characteristics (e.g. handlebars, bench, low axle load) do not correspond to the typical design of an agricultural tractor. If it is not possible to allocate a number plate in the case of a vehicle which may be affixed to the place provided for on the vehicle, the holder shall in principle be obliged to make changes to the vehicle which will enable a proper number plate to be affixed. In cases of doubt, the registration authority may require the submission of an expert opinion from an officially recognised expert on motor vehicle traffic. Where experts find that the affixing of a proper number plate to a motor vehicle requires a disproportionate effort or is not technically possible, the registration authority may authorise an exemption for the use of a reduced two-line number plate; this does not apply if it is no longer possible to affixing a proper number plate due to subsequent modifications or the addition of accessories.

valid identity card or passport with original of the last registration certificate of the place of residence; foreign nationals need a valid identification document with an up-to-date registration certificate a power of attorney when an authorised representative makes the request for correction of the documents (the representative's id card and a copy of the vehicle owner's identity card are required Registration certificate Part II (vehicle letter) Insurance confirmation (eVB number) Test report of the last main investigation (HU) Where applicable, an expert's opinion confirming that it is not possible to affixing a proper number plate because of the structural nature of the vehicle at companies: additional business registration or commercial register extract at clubs: additionally an excerpt of the association register and the identification of the responsible person(s) responsible for signing

Reduced two-line marks shall have a maximum width of 255 mm and a height of 130 mm. The registration authority may require the vehicle to be shown.

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