Granting home education

Crisis situations or family problems can lead to children or adolescents being placed in a home or other assisted living form (e..B. supervised single living, residential group of several young people, mother-child housing group). Home education or accommodation in another assisted living form is possible: as a temporary measure for children or adolescents to return to their family of origin as a temporary measure that prepares the children or adolescents for accommodation in a foster family as a permanent measure that prepares children or young people for an independent life

Please check with the Youth Office which documents you must present.

As a guardian, please contact the relevant youth welfare office. It assesses your case and decides whether placing your child outside the family is an appropriate measure. It helps you with your application and also advises you on other help options. If it approves the aid, all parties together draw up a help plan. It sets out how aid will be designed and how long it will take place.

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