Early support for children with disabilities

In Rhineland-Palatinate, eight "Social Paediatric Centres" with affiliated early intervention centres offer early detection and early intervention services. These are located in Bad Kreuznach, Göllheim, Mainz Landau Landstuhl, Ludwigshafen Neuwied and Trier. A nationwide range of branch offices ensures that the children are cared for close to home. The focus of the work in the early intervention centres is on the early detection, promotion and treatment of developmental disorders, imminent disabilities and existing disabilities in children and adolescents. In the Centers for Social Pediatrics and Early Intervention, children and adolescents with abnormalities in all areas of development, chronic diseases, disabilities and impending disabilities can be presented to clarify a problematic development. Services of early detection and early intervention can be provided in particular in the case of: Infants and young children with a history of risk factors Children with general developmental abnormalities Children with movement disorders of all kinds Children with language development disorders Children with cerebral seizures and epilepsies Children with congenital malformations Children with behavioral problems School children with partial performance disorders and with additional emotional disorders children with multiple disabilities. Early support for children with sensory disabilities is provided at the Landesschule für Blinde und Sehbehinderte Neuwied, the Landesschule für Gehörlose Neuwied, the Wilhelm Hubert Cüppers-Schule Trier and the Pfalzinstitut für Hörsprachbehinderte Frankenthal. In addition, individual local Lebenshilfen offer early home support

The use of the services in the centers for social pediatrics and early intervention takes place after referral of a practicing contract doctor.

Further information can be found in the brochure "Social Paediatrics/Early Intervention of Disabled and Threatened Children".

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