Early support for children with disabilities

In Rhineland-Palatinate, eight "Social Pediatric Centres" with affiliated early support centres offer early detection and early support services. These are located in Bad Kreuznach, Göllheim, Mainz Landau Landstuhl Ludwigshafen Neuwied and Trier. A comprehensive range of outposts ensures that the children are provided with close to home. The focus of work in the early support centres is on the early detection, promotion and treatment of developmental disorders, impending disabilities and existing disabilities in children and adolescents. In the Centres for Social Pediatrics and Early Support, children and adolescents with abnormalities in all areas of development, chronic diseases, disabilities and impending disabilities can be presented to clarify problematic development. Early detection and early support services can be used in particular for: Infants and infants with prehistory risk factors Children with general developmental abnormalities Children with all kinds of movement disorders Children with disorders of language development Children with cerebral seizures and epilepsy Children with congenital malformations Children with behavioural problems School children with partial performance disorders and additional emotional disorders multiple-disabled children. Early support for children with sensory disabilities is provided at the Neuwied State School for the Blind and Visually Impaired, the Neuwied State School for the Deaf, the Wilhelm Hubert Cüppers School in Trier and the Palatinate Institute for Hearing Language Disabled Frankenthal. In addition, individual local life support offers early home support

The benefits in the centres for social pediatrics and early support are used after the referral of a registered doctor.

Further information is provided in the brochure "Social Pediatrics/Early Support for Disabled and Disabled Children".