Apply for reimbursement for health insurers

The statutory health insurance funds cover travel costs if they are medically necessary in connection with a health insurance service. This includes trips to inpatient hospital treatment, ambulance sbacks and ambulances. Rescue trips are carried out in the event of serious illnesses requiring life-threatening or other first aid. Ambulances include journeys for other illnesses that require medical personnel or the special equipment of an ambulance, for example, lying transport. Sickness trips include any other journey by a sick person, e.B. by taxi. NOTE: Do not confuse ambulance transport with "alarm ambulances" that you order in an acute emergency.

Ordinance on the carriage of sick people

If you or a relative in connection with a benefit provided by the health insurance company require a transport service for compelling medical reasons, the health insurance company will cover the travel costs for Services provided in a stationary manner rescue trips to the hospital even if inpatient treatment is not required, other journeys of insured persons who require professional care or special facilities of an ambulance during the journey or for whom this is to be expected on the basis of their condition, and Journeys of insured persons to outpatient treatment, pre- or post-stationary treatment or outpatient surgery in the hospital, if this avoids or shortens the full or semi-hospital treatment required by itself or if this is not executable. Please note that travel costs for outpatient treatment are to be borne by the health insurance company only after prior approval. Regulations subject to authorisation must be submitted to the health insurance fund at an early stage. The duration and scope (e.B. means of transport, round trip) of the permit are determined by the health insurance fund. In case of doubt, you must also pay for transport services that you arrange without consultation with your health insurance company.

A right to travel for outpatient treatment as well as pre- and post-hospital hospital treatment, including outpatient surgery, may be granted if this prevents or shortens inpatient treatment or if these are not executable. Otherwise, travel costs for outpatient treatment can only be covered in exceptional cases (e.g. dialysis treatments, chemotherapy).
"Ordinance for the carriage of the sick" to the attending physician and carry them with them on each journey, so that they can then be presented to the driver In the case of outpatient treatment: Have the regulation approved by the competent health insurance fund. This is absolutely necessary in order to be reimbursed. In the case of outpatient treatment: reimbursement of travel expenses by health insurance After the corresponding trip, you submit the medical prescriptions to your health insurance company for billing