Home care for legally insured persons

Full-time care means that patients are cared for and cared for in a nursing home. Ensuring medical care in nursing homes is no different from that for other insured persons living at home. The free choice of doctor applies to the residents of nursing homes. In the case of full-patient care, the long-term care insurance pays flat-rate benefits for care-related expenses, including expenses for care and medical care services in nursing homes. The benefits for full-time care are monthly in the case of nursing degree 1: 125 Euro grant, at care level 2: 770 Euro at care level 3: 1,262 euros, at care level 4: 1,775 euros and at care level 5: 2,005 Euro If the long-term care insurance is not sufficient to cover the care-related expenses, the person in need of care must pay his own share. In addition to the care-related own share, there are additional costs for those in need of care in the case of full-patient care: Costs for accommodation and meals. where applicable, separately calculated investment costs This is the operator's expenditure on purchases, building rent and the like, which can be passed on to those in need of care. Costs for special comfort or additional services must also be paid privately. Basically, the costs for meals, accommodation, investments and comfort services vary greatly depending on the furnishings. It is therefore advisable to inform yourself in detail when choosing a home.

Inquire with the respective nursing care fund, which documents are required and whether there is a special application form.

Applies only to patients with care grades 2 to 5. Patients with care level 1 receive a grant of 125 euros per month if you choose full-time care.
You apply for care in a fully stationary facility at your care fund. Information on the required documents and procedure can be obtained from your care fund.

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