Specialist Information System Soil (FISBO) Receive information Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Data available on the subject of precautionary soil protection in Rhineland-Palatinate are made available to the public in maps online via map viewer via the homepage of the State Office for Geology and Mining (LGB) (e.B soil properties, soil functions, soil erosion hazard, soil degradation and vulnerable soils, background values topsoils). The data is also provided as OGC services.   In addition to the provision of information via map viewer, there are also very individual or special requests, which are usually presented by experts from the field of soil protection. Such requests are so individual with regard to data provision and data content that they cannot be packaged in advance, but are clarified with the client on a case-by-case basis. The number of cases of these requests is about 10 / year.

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Maps and data freely accessible via the website of the State Office for Geology and Mining Rhineland-Palatinate Special requests by phone or e-mail

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State Office for Geology and Mining Rhineland-Palatinate

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