Order deferral of school attendance

You can apply in writing for a deferral of your school-age child to the school management of the responsible primary school. The headmistress decides on the deferral in consultation with the school doctor.dem. A deferral is only permitted once and can only be pronounced for the duration of an entire school year. Please note that a deferral can only be made for good cause. As an "important reason", health reasons are usually considered. Therefore, in any case, when deciding whether a deferral takes place, the result of the school medical examination is taken into account. However, it is not the only decisive factor. The school management will carefully consider whether a deferral is justified. If a deferral is pronounced for health reasons, further attendance of the kindergarten can be recommended.

Informal request for deferral with justification

Informal application

Application only for good cause School medical examination
The school registration of school-age children takes place in August / September at the responsible primary school. Between October and January, the mandatory school medical examination takes place. Parents submit an informal application for deferral to the school by 15 May. The application must contain a statement of reasons. The decision of the headmistress will be communicated to the parents in writing by 15 June.

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