Recognising motor vehicle suitability courses

If you wish to take courses to restore the ability of drivers to drive, you will need recognition by the competent authority under national law. Recognition shall be granted at the written request of the institution for its posts, its courses for the restoration of the fitness to drive of drivers who are addicted to alcohol or drugs and its instructors. Recognition may be accompanied by ancillary provisions, in particular conditions, to ensure the prescribed existence and proper functioning of the institution and its bodies.

The following documents shall be attached when submitting an application: Evidence of the legal form of the institution, the name of the legal person, information on the organisation and management of the institution, its activities and its relations with a higher-level organisation; addresses of all bodies in which courses are to be carried out to restore fitness for motor vehicle driving, within the remit of the relevant recognition authority, where other recognition has already been granted, a list of existing recognition notices, indicating the authority for recognition, the file number and the date of recognition

Recognition shall be granted if: the financial and organisational capacity of the institution is ensured, the personnel and material-spatial equipment is ensured, teacher (a) a degree in higher education as a graduate psychologist or an equivalent master's degree in psychology; (b) a transport psychological training course at a university or equivalent university or at a body which is involved in the assessment or restoration of the motor vehicle suitability, (c) knowledge and experience in the investigation and assessment of the suitability of drivers; (d) demonstrate training as a leader of courses for the restoration of motor vehicle fitness. Instructors meet the requirements for maintaining instructor qualification, the holder of courses for the restoration of motor vehicle fitness is not at the same time the carrier of driving training measures or the carrier of assessment bodies for driving suitability; the scientific basis and suitableness of the courses has been confirmed by an appropriate independent body, the holder of courses for the restoration of motor vehicle suitability proves compliance with the requirements by means of an expert report of the Federal Institute.

Recognition shall be limited to a maximum of ten years and, on application, a maximum of ten years. The effectiveness of the courses must be demonstrated at the latest after 6 years in an evaluation procedure carried out according to the state of the art. After their initial evaluation, the courses must be re-evaluated regularly, at the latest every 10 years.
Section 70 in conjunction with Annex 15 to the Regulation on the Admission of Persons to Road Traffic (Driving Licence Regulation - FeV) Charging regulations for road transport measures (GebOSt)

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The application must be submitted in writing and must be signed by a person entitled to represent the institution.

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