Extending the travel industry

You operate a travel business if you sell goods without prior order (date) and operate outside your commercial establishment (headquarters) or without owning one. The same applies if you visit (distribute) or purchase orders, offer services or place orders on services or carry out entertaining activities as showman or by showman type. The exercise of a travel business requires permission in the form of a travel trade card. The content of the travel trade card may be limited, limited in scope and subject to conditions to the extent necessary to protect the general public or consumers; under the same conditions, the subsequent inclusion, amendment and supplementation of conditions is also permitted.

Travel trade card

Forms: none Written form required: yes Personal appearance at pick-up on site: yes Online procedure possible: yes

You must already be in possession of a travel trade card.
Section 55 (3) Of the Commercial Code (GewO)

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You apply to your local authority for a retrospective change in the time limit for your travel business card. To do this, contact the municipality or city administration where you are habitually resident or in which the future company will be based.

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