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Would you like to work as a teacher in Rhineland-Palatinate without a teacher's degree? Since in certain subjects the recruitment needs for teachers cannot be fully covered by teachers who have the appropriate training for the respective teaching post, there is a great interest in qualified university graduates in Rhineland-Palatinate even without teacher training.

Cross entry: Applicants who have a university degree in a school-specific subject (e.B. diploma from a university or comparable university, master's degree, master's degree in the main subject, 4-semester master's degree at a university of applied sciences) may be recruited, provided that the existing training places cannot be filled in full with applicants who have taken a first state examination for the relevant teaching position. In addition, applicants must generally be able to prove academic achievements in the amount of 60 ECTS or 40 SWS in a so-called second subject. This subject does not have to be a subject of need, but a subject of the respective type of school. Page entry: There are two different ways of proving the professional suitability for entering the page: Degree in a school-specific subject (diploma, master's degree in major, master's degree from a university or a comparable university degree) usually additionally in a second teaching subject: Pre-diploma or Intermediate examination or Bachelor or comparable benefits (proof of approx. 40 semester-week hours or 60 credits) For the subjects of fine arts and music, there is generally no second subject to be proven for teaching posts at secondary schools plus and grammar schools. First state examination for a teaching post, one of which must be a subject of need additionally for a teaching position in general education schools a career in the pedagogical or technical field for at least two years thereafter, or at least two years of child-rearing The page entry can only take place in a school type for which the First State Examination is entitled

If you would like to know whether you meet the scientific requirements for admission to cross- or side-entry, you can contact the State Examination Office for teaching posts at schools in the Ministry of Education, Mittele Bleiche 61 in 55116 Mainz in advance.
The subjects are published on the internal page of the Ministry of Education. The application is addressed to the Supervisory and Services Directorate in Trier. The individual examination of the scientific/artistic requirements and the decision on admission to cross-country or side entry is generally taken by the State Examination Office. The application is made through the Supervisory and Services Directorate.

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