District chimney sweep give up position

Anyone who wants to give up his position as an authorised district chimney sweep must have this administrative act repealed by the competent authority. The district chimney sweep must then apply for deletion from the craft register and, if necessary, deregister his trade if the entire activity is to be abandoned.

If applicable, application of the authorized district chimney sweep for cancellation of the appointment as authorized district chimney sweep. In order to clarify the existence of the conditions laid down in indent 1, the competent authority may request the authorised district chimney sweep to submit, at his own expense, an official medical opinion on his state of health if there is evidence of physical infirmity or weakness of his physical or mental strength. If applicable, business deregistration as well as deletion request craft roll.

Written form required: no Personal appearance required: no

The competent authority may cancel the appointment as authorised district chimney sweep either at the request of the person concerned, or if it can be proven that the authorised district chimney sweep does not have the necessary personal or professional reliability for the performance of the office, or if facts prove that the authorised district chimney sweep is permanently unable to exercise his profession due to a physical infirmity or weakness of his physical or mental strength. However, it ends at the latest at the end of the month in which the appointed person reaches the age of 67.
Once you have submitted the application and all documents are available in full, the competent authority will check whether you meet all the requirements. If you meet all the requirements, the competent authority will issue a notice releasing you from the post of authorised district chimney sweep. The federal office of economics and export control must be notified immediately by the competent authority of the cancellation of the order for the competent authority to maintain the chimney sweep register.

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