Communicate external alarm and security plans

As an operator of an upper-class operating area, you are obliged to provide the competent authority with the information necessary for the preparation of external alarm and security plans. The aim of the transmission of information is to ensure effective security by interconnecting internal and external alert and security planning. Therefore, cooperation between operators and the authorities responsible for civil protection and general security should take place at the time of the preparation and updating of internal alert and security plans. It is imperative that operators and authorities work together to define the areas of risk outside the company. Once drawn up and updated, the content of the internal alert and security plans shall be communicated to the authorities responsible for civil protection and general security, to the extent necessary for those authorities to carry out their tasks. Cooperation should therefore be based on the details of which documents should be forwarded to the authorities with a view to their allocation of responsibilities.

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Ministry of Environment, Energy, Food and Forestry Rhineland-Palatinate

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