Review the safety report in need of approval

New or updated safety reports of upper-class operating areas must be submitted to the competent authority for review.

As an operator of an upper class operating area, you are obliged to prepare a safety report containing at least the information and information listed in Annex II to the Incident Regulation. The safety report shall be submitted to the competent authority within a reasonable period of time set by the competent authority before entry into service.

Security reports must be reviewed regularly:

  1. at least every five years,
  2. in the event of an accident-relevant change in accordance with Section 3 paragraph 5b of the Federal Immission Protection Act,
  3. following an event in accordance with Part 1 of Annex VI and
  4. at any other time when new circumstances so require, or to take into account the new level of safety knowledge and up-to-date knowledge for the assessment of the hazards.

If the review reveals that there may be significant impacts in terms of the hazards associated with an incident, you must update the safety report immediately. The updated parts of the safety report shall be submitted to the competent authority without delay, at least one month before the implementation of the amendment in the event of an incident-relevant change.

The competent authority is obliged to inform you of the outcome of its examination of the safety report within a reasonable time, unless the safety report is the subject of an authorisation procedure under emission protection law.

Safety report with corresponding information in accordance with the Incident Ordinance.

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The safety report must be submitted in writing by post to the competent authority.

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