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You must inform the competent authority before starting a business area or if your operating area is to be changed in an incident.

As the operator of an operating area under the Incident Ordinance, you are obliged to report to the competent authority at least one month before the start of the establishment of the operating area or before an accident-relevant change, the information listed in Section 7 of the Incident Regulation. There is no need for a separate notification if you have provided the information to the competent authority in the context of an authorisation or notification procedure.

The display must contain the following information:

  1. the name or company of the operator and the full address of the relevant operating area,
  2. registered office and full address of the operator,
  3. the name and function of the person responsible for the operating area, if different from the person referred to in point 1,
  4. sufficient information to identify the hazardous substances and the hazard category of substances,
  5. quantity and physical form of hazardous substances,
  6. activity or intended activity in the facilities of the operating sector,
  7. conditions in the immediate vicinity of the operating area which may cause an accident or aggravate its consequences, including, where available, details of:
    • neighbouring operating areas
    • other permanent establishments not covered by this Regulation, and
    • Areas and developments that could lead to an accident or where the likelihood of an incident may increase or worsen the effects of an incident and domino effects

Für die Anzeige nach der Störfall-Verordnung steht den Betreibern ein Formular zum Download zur Verfügung:

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  • Section 7 Incident Ordinance (12. BImschV)

The notification must be submitted in writing by post or electronically to the competent authority.

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