Continuously measure cremation facilities

As the operator of a cremation facility, you are obliged to continuously measure emissions of carbon monoxide, the volume content of oxygen in the exhaust gas and the minimum temperature in the combustion chamber in order to monitor emissions of air pollutants and to assess the proper operation. A measurement report shall be drawn up for each calendar year on the results of the continuous measurements and submitted to the competent authority within three months of the end of each calendar year.

Measurement report on continuous measurements, additionally presentation of reports on functional tests and calibrations

With regard to the contents of the measurement report on continuous measurements, reference is made to the circular of the BMU "Federal Uniform Practice in the Monitoring of Emissions" and the requirements for evaluation systems contained therein. The reports on functional tests and calibrations of measuring devices for continuous measurements must comply with the requirements of Directive VDI 3950 Sheet 2.

The official requirements for the execution of the continuous measurements as well as for the presentation of the measurement report are derived from the regulations of the Ordinance on Facilities for Cremation. In the future, the measurement report will be submitted via the online portal "EMBE-Online".

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