Receiving information from the list of monuments

One of the central tasks of the Monuments Department / Directorate for the Preservation of National Monuments is to make the results and findings of the collection and research of cultural monuments in Rhineland-Palatinate accessible to the public. This is done by the Research in the monument database for the object, if necessary file search for the requested object as well as the forwarding of complex and technical questions to the responsible scientific staff or the department management.

Correct information about the location and address of the requested object.

The property should be protected as a cultural monument in accordance with the Monument Protection Act. For this purpose, the current list of monuments can be accessed and viewed as a publicly accessible list of monuments via the homepage of the Directorate for the Preservation of National Monuments. The list of monuments is the list of all cultural monuments of the country. As a briefing, it contains only concise information. The list is constantly updated and supplemented with the newly recorded monuments.

Sensitive and personal data that are subject to data protection cannot be disclosed in connection with such a request.
Receipt of a request at the Inventory Office with a request for information on the monument status and the scope of protection by phone, e-mail or letter Checking the address data, if necessary further research in the geoportal Research in the monument database File search for the requested object Research ingessing documents from a list of monuments in paper form possible information from appropriate monument topography Research the digital card from the data set and supplement to the test case (if available) on the basis of the results of replying to the request or in the case of complex and technical questions, forward to the relevant scientific staff or the department management

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