Setting parental contribution

Providers of day care facilities which are part of the needs plan collect parental contributions to cover the cost of staff to support debt children and children who have not yet reached the age of two. A separate fee will be charged for all children for lunch and meals. Parental contributions are determined by the local public youth welfare institution, i.e. the competent youth welfare office.

This will be communicated to you by the responsible Youth Office upon request.

To do this, please contact the relevant Youth Office.

Parental contributions are determined by the competent youth office. Before it is fixed, the associations of the free welfare sector must be consulted. Parental contributions must be staggered. Criteria for graduation may include: the income of the parents, the the number of children entitled to child benefit in the family the daily child's day care time In the case of low/no-income families, the parental contribution may be reduced or waived in full. See Notes "Parental Contribution Acceptance" The responsible Youth Office can advise you on this. A separate fee will be charged for lunch and meals in day care facilities.

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