Accepting parental contribution Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Providers of day care facilities which are part of the needs plan collect parental contributions to cover the cost of staff to support school children and children who have not yet reached the age of two. A separate fee will be charged for lunch and meals for all children. Parental contributions are determined by the local public youth welfare institution, i.e. the competent youth welfare office. If the payment of a parental contribution is not reasonable individually (e.B. because the income of the parents is too low), the parental contribution is waived or paid by the local public youth welfare institution upon request.

This will be communicated to you by the responsible Youth Office upon request.

To do this, please contact the relevant Youth Office.

In order for parental contributions to be waived or taken over by the competent youth welfare office, they must be unreasonable for the parents. This is especially the case whenever: Receive subsistence benefits under the 2nd Book of the Social Code (SGB II) - basic security for jobseekers, Benefits under the third and fourth chapters of the 12th Book of the Social Code (SGB XII) - assistance for subsistence or basic insurance in old age - or receive benefits in accordance with Sections 2 and 3 of the Asylum Seeker Benefits Act, or if the parents of the child have a child supplement in accordance with Section 6a of the Federal Child Benefit Act or if the child's parents receive housing benefit under the Housing Benefit Act. However, a parental contribution can also be unreasonable if the income as such is very low, but .B no application has been made for payment of housing benefit. During the Corona crisis, however, additional relief swells apply! The responsible Youth Office can advise you on this.

Responsible Youth Office of the district or city.
The procedure is regulated by the Youth Office, which is responsible for you.