Take the non-school examination

With the Abitur examination for non-pupils, the general higher education entrance qualification can be obtained without attending a grammar school or another school leading to the general higher education entrance qualification.

The following documents must be submitted by post (all documents must be signed by hand): a) curriculum vitae in tabular form with a detailed description of the course of education and information about the previous activity, b) Registration certificate of the competent registration authority of the latest date about the main residence in the last 6 months, or an exemption application at e.B workplace in Rhineland-Palatinate, (c) photograph not older than 1 year; (d) a statement as to whether, when and where an attempt has already been made to take an examination to obtain the general higher education entrance qualification; (e) a declaration that no school or institution where the general higher education entrance qualification can be obtained has been attended in the past twelve months; f) a subject selection declaration of the two subject subjects and the two Basic subjects for the written examination as well as the four examination subjects for the oral examination (see Abitur examination regulations for non-pupils of 26.05.2011), (g) a report on the preparation of the examination, which shall contain detailed information on the substance areas worked through for each chosen examination subject; in German and in foreign languages, the literary works with which one has been particularly concerned must also be indicated.

An informal application is required.

On request, anyone who a) has reached the age of 19 at the beginning of the written examination, b) has been registered for at least six months with main residence in Rhineland-Palatinate, c) proves that he has adequately prepared for the Abitur examination, in particular by participating in distance learning courses or other suitable preparatory courses, (d) in the year preceding the Abitur examination, he has not attended a school or institution where the general higher education entrance qualification can be obtained; e) has not taken more than once an examination for the acquisition of the general higher education entrance qualification in Rhineland-Palatinate or in another country of the Federal Republic of Germany without success.
Application submitted in writing to the school authority by 1 April each year. The school board reviews the applications. The school authority decides on admission by written notice. The Abitur examination takes place at a school designated by the school authority around May/June of the following year.

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