Legal clerkship Admission

The legal clerkship lasts two years. It is carried out in Rhineland-Palatinate in a special public-law training relationship. As a so-called preparatory service, it prepares for the second state examination of the law. During your legal preparation service, you will receive a maintenance allowance of EUR 1,328.29 (as of 28 May 2020). Further benefits, in particular an annual special allowance, holiday allowance, capital gains benefits and compensation for purchasing power, are not granted. By creating a public-service training relationship, you are compulsorily insured in statutory health insurance and unemployment insurance. In the area of statutory pension insurance, a pension entitlement is guaranteed. During the preparatory service, you are free of insurance in the statutory pension insurance.

Application for admission to the Legal Preparatory Service a signed CV (tabular or detailed) two passport pictures (named on the back) a (uncertified) copy of the birth certificate if necessary, a (uncertified) copy of the marriage certificate/life partnership certificate (from which the married marriage name/life partnership name must be derived) copies of children's birth certificates if applicable (uncertified) a (uncertified) copy of the certificate of maturity an officially* certified copy of the certificate of the first examination if applicable, proof of services performed within the meaning of the Land Officials Act (e.B. Basic Military Service/Civil Service/Voluntary Social or Ecological Year, etc.) where applicable, a proof showing that the rejection of the application for authorisation constitutes an exceptional hardship within the meaning of Paragraph 5(1) of the Land Ordinance on Admission to the Legal Preparatory Service if necessary, proof of early filing of the state compulsory examination (Section 5 d.5 DRiG; so-called "freischuss") a declaration that a certificate of leadership has been requested for submission to an authority (document type 0) to the competent reporting authority for submission to the President or President of the Higher Regional Court. * Note on official certification in Rhineland-Palatinate: Official certification of copies, Reproductions and negatives as well as signatures and hand signals are authorised (in accordance with Section 1 of the Land Act on the Power of Credency of 21.07.1978, as amended): the local mayors and local mayors, the municipal administrations and municipal administrations of the non-associated municipalities, the municipal administrations of the district-free and large district-affiliated cities, the district administrations, the structural and licensing directorates, the supervisory and service directorates. , the directors and presidents of the courts, the public prosecutors and the prosecutors general, the prisons, the highest state authorities, the national statutory health insurance funds, the other authorities within the scope of their substantive competence.

Application for admission to the Legal Preparatory Service

On request, those who have passed the so-called first examination after studying law at a university are admitted to the legal preparatory service. The first examination consists of a university focus examination and a state compulsory examination. If the number of applicants exceeds the number of training places available or if the available budget is insufficient, admission is made in accordance with the "National Regulation on Admission to the Legal Preparatory Service".
The training in the legal clerkship takes place at four compulsory stations: a regular court in civil matters (5 months), an administrative authority (3 months), a public prosecutor or a court in criminal matters (4 months) and a lawyer (9 months). After the compulsory stations, the training in the polling station in Germany or abroad (3 months) follows. In the 18th month of training, the exams of the second state examination are written. The oral examinations take place after the polling station.