Request personal data correction

The reporting authority is obliged to correct or complete inaccurate or incomplete personal data. If you find that the reporting authority is processing inaccurate or incomplete personal data from you, you can request the correction or completion of such data informally. The Authority shall then examine whether the data is in fact inaccurate or incomplete. If this is the case, the data will be corrected or completed.

In order to prove that the personal data processed are inaccurate or incomplete, documents may be required to provide documents that provide the correct data.


The conditions for correction are, on the one hand, incorrect or incomplete data and, on the other hand, the undoubted finding of inaccuracy or incompleteness. The reporting authority must also be aware of the correct data.
Once you have requested a correction of inaccurate personal data and the authority determines that the data is in fact inaccurate, the correction shall be made as long as the authority is aware of the correct data. You will be informed of the outcome of the examination of your request for correction. The reporting authority also informs those public authorities to which the incorrect or incomplete data have been transmitted in the course of regular data transfers in accordance with the Federal Reporting Act.

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