Recognition of person empowered with explosion protection and fire protection

This administrative service includes the official recognition of a qualified person for examinations of Devices Protection systems or Safety, control or control devices within the meaning of the ATEX Directive (2014/34/EU) after repairs with respect to a part on which the explosion protection depends.

Information on the applicant Address of the permanent establishment or operations department in which the person recognised by the authority is to act Information about the contact person for queries Audit tasks and scope for which recognition is requested Proof of test requirements and indication of equipment to be tested, protection systems, safety, control and control devices to be tested after repair Declaration by the applicant on the freedom of instruction of the person qualified for examination if available, certification certificate for a quality assurance system or information on the quality assurance procedure Information on the qualified person First and last name Birthday and place, Profession Applicant's private address Copy of the employment contract between the applicant and the person qualified to examine Curriculum vitae of the applicant with an indication of his professional background and professional activity up to the date of application and copies of the certificates of previous employment relationships Copies of the technical work product, the master's certificate and certificate, the diploma certificate and the certificate or comparable qualifications Copies of certificates of participation of training courses, relevant exchanges of experience Police certificate, document type 0 Declaration by the person qualified for examination on the freedom of instruction. Expert comment: The applicant shall, after the scope of the examination has been determined by the recognition authority, instruct an expert to make an appropriate statement. This statement relates to the technical and organisational requirements of the establishment and the verification of the applicant's personal suitability and his skills and knowledge of the relevant legal standards for the relevant audit work. Insofar as the applicant has been accredited as a test laboratory or inspection body in accordance with the standards of the DIN EN ISO/IEC 17000 series, the scope of the expert statement and, if necessary, the test test shall be adjusted accordingly. Written confirmation by the insurer of an existing liability insurance of EUR 2.5 million for the activities of the recognised person qualified for examination in accordance with the declaration of exemption

Completed technical vocational training or proof of another technical qualification of the person to be recognised which qualies for the intended test task Practical experience of the person to be recognised with comparable work equipment over a reasonable period of time, so that the carried-over test task is carried out reliably The activity of the person to be recognised in the context of the forthcoming examination of the work equipment to be examined and adequate training Expert statement on the qualifications of the person to be recognised and on the equipment and quality assurance of the establishment Proof of the regular needs of such tests
ONLINE: Submission of documents with the exception of expert opinion Not online: Inspection of the establishment and the test workplace by the recognition authority and determination of the expert audit scope by the recognition authority Commissioning of the expert by the operator ONLINE: Submission of the opinion to the recognition authority Certificate of recognition or rejection

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