Carry out student transport

Providers of school transport are the districts and independent cities. In principle, all pupils are entitled to pupil transport if they are resident in Rhineland-Palatinate and the way to school without the use of a means of transport is not reasonable. For pupils at upper secondary level, pupil transport is only granted if a certain income limit is exceeded.

Please ask the school office of the district or the district-free city which documents are to be brought along. It may also be possible for the school itself to provide information about this.

The application forms are provided by the providers of student transport (district or district-free city).

The way to school is not reasonable for the student. This is the case if the footpath between home and primary school is longer than 2 kilometres, in secondary schools longer than 4 kilometres or the way to school is particularly dangerous. The entitlement to student transport refers to the nearest school of the chosen type of school.

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