Carrying out student transport

The transport of pupils is carried out by the districts and towns without districts. In principle, all pupils are entitled to transport pupils if they are resident in Rhineland-Palatinate and the way to school is unreasonable without the use of a means of transport. For upper secondary school pupils, the transport of pupils is only granted if a certain income threshold is exceeded.

Please ask the school board of the district or the district-free city for any documents to bring. It is also possible that the school itself can provide information on this.

The application forms are provided by the promoters of the school transport (district or district-free city).

The school route is not reasonable for the student. This is the case if the footpath between home and primary school is longer than 2 kilometres, longer than 4 kilometres in secondary schools or particularly dangerous in the case of secondary schools. The right to transport pupils refers to the nearest school of the chosen type of school.