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You apply for the registration of your trailer (car trailer) from the registration authority in whose area you have your domicile or registered office. Car trailers may be registered as vehicle owners on private individuals and legal persons or companies, i.e. also on: Companies Authorities or Clubs. Car trailers are exempt from the registration requirement if they not be used for journeys over 25 km/h and either carried behind tractors or self-propelled machinery for agricultural or forestry purposes, in the form of caravans and packing trolleys in the showman's trade or used as mobile construction stalls. In addition, without speed limit are exempt from the authorisation requirement: Machinery Special trailers for the transport of sports equipment, animals for sports purposes or lifeboats, supporters of the fire brigade and civil protection, single-axle trailers behind motorcycles, mopeds and motorised ambulances, and Seat carts carried behind single-axle agricultural or forestry tractors or machinery. Note: For a vehicle trailer that has already been registered, unless it has been completely decommissioned in the meantime, you only have to submit an application for a change of registration in the event of a change of holder.

for private individuals: valid identity card or passport for legal entities/companies: Commercial register extract or Business registration or Association register extract Certificate of registration Part II (if available, otherwise request copy), Certificate of conformity (CoC abbreviation) or Individual approval via the trailer in the original, Report on the successful and valid main investigation, electronic insurance confirmation

Forms: contact your local licensing authority Online procedure possible: no Written form required: no Personal appearance necessary: no

The trailer must correspond to an approved type or an individual permit must have been granted. Motor vehicle liability insurance for your car trailer They may not have arrbean fees and expenses from previous authorisation procedures. Arrears over EUR 30.00: no authorisation until you have paid the debt Arrears under EUR 30.00: Authorisation at the discretion of the local competent authority You may not have car tax debts of EUR 5.00 or more. The amount shall also take into account late payment surcharges, interest and late payment surcharges.
You must apply for your licence in person: Check with your local licensing authority for the required documentation and forms. If possible, make an appointment or, if available, use the online procedure. Bring all necessary documents as well as the respective payment amount to your appointment. Your documents will be checked directly on site. If the test is positive, you will receive: Your personal license plate, the stamped license plate plates and Your approval documents. In most cases, there are private dealers not far from the registration office, where you can have the number plate printed on a license plate immediately afterwards. Note: You may also be represented by an authorised person. If you are not registered in Germany, you can only apply for the indicator if you nominate a person entitled to receive it.

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