Charge water collection fees

Depending on the state, you have to pay a fee for water withdrawals, the sub-day production, the tootage line or discharge. This may be offset against the costs of water protection measures if all the conditions are met.

In Germany, a water abstraction fee may be charged for the abstraction and discharge of water from an above-ground water, as well as for the extraction, transport of substation, substation and discharge of groundwater. The individual countries decide whether and to what extent the collection of water collection fees takes place. Likewise, whether and to what extent there is the possibility of offsetting water protection measures.

There is no uniform regulation in the Länder where water abstraction charges are levied.

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There must be an obligation to pay for the water withdrawal fee and a water protection measure(s) must be implemented.

  • Weitere Informationen zu Wasserentnahmeentgelt
  • Water abstraction charging laws of the länder

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There is no uniform procedure of the Länder, as this depends on the specific legal requirements and structures in the individual Länder.

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