Adoption of a foreign child Decision

In a national adoption, not only children with German but also foreign nationality can be adopted. Although it is an adoption with foreign contact of the child, the adoption decision is issued by a German family court. Crucial to the adoption of a foreign child is that the participants (adoptive parents and adoptive child) have their habitual residence in Germany.

In particular, the following documents are required for an adoption procedure: Notarized adoption application Declarations of consent Birth certificate of the child Marriage certificate of the acceptor Proof of nationality of the parties Registration certificates of the parties Health certificates of the parties police leadership certificate of the acceptors Proof of income of the acceptors The Family Court will request further documents if necessary.

The basic prerequisite for the adoption of a child is that it serves the best interests of the child and that the formation of a parent-child relationship can be predicted. Adoption of minors is only possible if the child is not yet 18 years old when the adoption is made. Other prerequisites include the ability of the acceptors to be parents for that child, an appropriate period of adoption and the existence of declarations of consent by the parties.
Adoption requires a notarised application, which must be submitted to the Family Court. If the Family Court rules for adoption, the child acquires the legal status of a joint child of the adoptive parents. With the adoption decision, the child's relationship with his biological parents and relatives expires.

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