Adoption of an international child To certify declaration of the adoption applicants

If the applicants for adoption accept the child proposal, they must submit their declaration that they are ready to adopt the proposed child to the Youth Office on time. The request for a declaration is made by the international intermediary. By means of the declaration of readiness, the applicants undertake to reimburse the public funds spent on the child's livelihood for a period of six years from the entry of the child into Germany. The costs to be reimbursed include all public funds for subsistence, including accommodation, training, care in the event of illness and care, even if the expenditure is based on a legal entitlement of the child. Both the intermediary and the person certifying the contract shall inform the applicants for adoption of the legal scope of the declaration and, in particular, of the obligations arising from the declaration.

Required the identity cards of the candidates and the child's data (child's name, date and place of birth).

The prerequisite is the adoption of the child proposal by the adoption applicants.
After the adoption applicants have been taught, the declaration of readiness is made to the Youth Office. The original person of the Youth Office certifys the declaration. Alternatively, it is also possible to be required by a notary or notary. A certified copy is forwarded to the foreign agency.

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