Adoption mediation files get insight

If you were adopted as a child, you can see your mediation file at the age of 16. Under the guidance of a specialist at the adoption agency, you will receive information about your origin and life history. Note: You can still do this insight at an advanced age. The adoption agency is legally obliged to keep the records and documents relating to your placement for 100 years (from your date of birth)

A right of access exists from the age of 16. Prior to this, the consent of your adoptive parents is required. The file inspection refers to all information concerning your origin and life history. Data concerning other persons (e.g. biological parents) may not be viewed. These may only be disclosed if there is any other legitimate interest or if the consent of the persons concerned has been given.
For general advice, please contact the adoption agency where you live. The professionals will, if necessary, contact the adoption agency that has provided you with the information. The specialists of the adoption agency that has arranged for you will give you access to the file and inform you about your origin as well as your life story. As a rule, the file also contains reports on your development, which the adoption agency has prepared in the context of follow-up care. If you wish, the professionals will try to establish contact with your biological parents. They also mediate when your family of origin tries to connect with you. The adoption agency strives to find an appropriate individual solution for the biological parents and siblings from the family of origin.

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