Request ingenuising support from caregivers

A parenting assistance can help your child in everyday life, in dealing with you as a parent and with social problems. Possible aids are: Conversations about problems, fears and behaviour Help in dealing with stressful experiences Help solve problems with family, friends, teachers, or others Assistance with government procedures for older young people: help in finding work and housing, helping to detach from parents Help for self-employment Note: In contrast to "social pedagogical family support", a parenting assistant concentrates his assistance largely on the child or young person concerned. It involves, if possible, the social environment.

Please check with the Youth Office which documents you must present.

Please contact the relevant Youth Office. The Youth Office assesses the case and decides whether an educational support is suitable for your child. It helps you with your application and also advises you on other help options. If the aid is granted, all parties will jointly draw up a support plan. It sets out the process, the objectives and the duration of the aid. The Youth Office regularly reviews the progress of the aid and whether changes would be useful.